The Pavilion

intimate urban oasis - phnom penh

The Spa

Our little spa is located in an adjoined building, by the reception. It offers a soothing environment for a massage after an intense day in the city. All our masseuses have been trained in Siem Reap. They will offer you a peaceful and relaxed opportunity to unwind through a variety of treatments:

The Pavilion’s Jet Lag Reviver (dry)

Prolonged sitting during a long journey causes restricted blood circulation in the legs, muscle constriction and often back pain. A massage that loosens up your back and legs and, boosts your blood circulation.

With a special energising ginger tea.

The Pavilion’s complimentary welcome massage:25 min, -
Jet Lag Reviver - long:45 min, $15

Energising Khmer Massages (dry)

An energising ancient Cambodian therapy - smoothes the body’s energy flow and clears the mind.

With soothing sleuk thoy tea.

Legs and Back:45 min, $15
Head, Back and Shoulders:45 min, $15
Whole Body - short:60 min, $20
Whole Body - long:90 min, $27

Relaxation Massages (with aromatic oils)

These aromatic oils massages are more relaxing and help you restore your overall sense of well-being.

With soothing sleuk thoy tea.

Foot Reflexology:45 min, $15
Full Leg Relaxation:45 min, $15
De-Stress Back, Neck, Shoulder Therapy:45 min, $15
Deep Tissue Massage:60 min, $25
Whole Body Massage (Aromatherapy) - short:60 min, $25
Whole Body Massage (Aromatherapy) - long:90 min, $35

The gym

The air-conditioned gym is equipped with a treadmill, an exercise bike and weights.

Massage time...