The Pavilion Hotel

intimate urban oasis - phnom penh

The Team

Making cocktails...

Our main asset!
Every day, every hour, our team strives to ensure that your reservation is well taken care of, that your room will be immaculate, that you will be safe, that the choice of the massage oil is right or that the air-conditioning is not about to collapse... These people form Our Team, each of us own specialties, strength, weaknesses, our own story.

Staff bringing flowers

Social background
Like every one else in the country, our staff suffered in recent history and they all would have moving stories to tell. But you will see that Cambodian people remain increadibly cheerful and welcoming.
Some of us have been trained to cater for you with the help of NGOs like Mith Samlanh Friends and Pour un Sourire d’Enfant. Some of us are Filipinos, bringing in international experience. But none of us come from any Swiss hotelier’s schools, so please tolerate our imperfections…

From the very day they join the team, all staff-members are encouraged to participate and evolve within the Pavilion and our sister hotels. Most of our staff have been with us since the opening and many have started at the bottom of the ladder. Language and computer skills are part of the ongoing training, which sees them go from house keeping to guest relations or even hotel general management after a few years.

Front desk team

The reception staff are here to make your stay more enjoyable!

Some of the team members