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  • lisa.voyages

    Pavilion seen by travelers Lisa & Antoine, a refreshing stop in their trip around the world.
  • Chan Kongka ចាន់ គង្ការ

    Cambodian model and TV celebrity Kongka loves Pavilion: "history, character and a great relaxing atmosphere."
  • L'Officiel Vietnam

    Editor's Pick: The Pavilion - Ẩn trú trong biệt thự hoàng gia giữa lòng thủ đô Campuchia [Retreat in a Royal Villa at the heart of the capital city].
  • "Idyllic hotel"

    by (in French). Video by Daily Travel Pill, 2019.
  • Wanderlicious by Adriana

    'In this incredible retreat. I spent all day relaxing by the pool, not to mention the private pool we had in our villa.'
  • TravelMag

    Pavilion among '7 of the Best Boutique Hotels and Resorts in Phnom Penh'.
  • Happy Frog Travels

    "We loved the antique furniture and art in the meticulously refurbished 1920s main building. Luscious gardens on a nice street of the city."
  • "An oasis of relaxation"

    Cezar and Alina from Caesars Show at Pavilion (in Romanian language).
  • Affordable Luxury in Phnom Penh

    Pavilion reviewed on this classy yet unassuming travel blog.
  • Michelin Guide

    "...A marvel of privacy and tranquility, and a convenience hard to surpass." Pavilion listed in the world-famous Michelin Guide and on Tablets Hotels.
  • The Most

    Pavilion among The Most Top Ten Best Phnom Penh Hotels.
  • Pavilion, Travel Through Time

    A review by Ici Laos Cambodge Travel Blog, Rattana Chin (in French)
  • Becky Van Dijk/WATG

    "Not only one, two amazing swimming pools!"
  • The Coolector

    "Jewel in the Crown"
  • Farfetch Style UK

    A South East Asian style trip
  • Latest on Tripadvisor

    From all around the world
  • Arnav Mathur/TheEETLRBlog

    "All guests are looked for and pampered".
  • Ici Laos Cambodge Blog

    "Havre de paix, voyage dans le temps"
  • ThisGirlAbroad

    "Colonial charm in the heart of the city"
  • Great Small Hotels

    "Luxurious accommodation, fine cuisine and excellent service"
  • See Cambodia Differently

    "Original combination of Khmer and French colonial styles"
  • Travel Fish

    "Secluded and lovely.Smooth and professional service, refined atmosphere, top-notch amenities"


    "в двух шагах от главных достопримечательностей". Conde Nast Traveller Russia

  • Once in a Lifetime Journey

    "A unique remnant of Phnom Penh history"
  • City Nomads

    Among the best children-free destinations around Asia
  • RC Hotels Guide

    "One of the first and still one of the nicest boutique hotels in Phnom Penh"
  • Travel First Best Phnom Penh Hotels

    "A Jewel in the distinguished MAADS catalog"
  • Tristan Rutherford/Daily Telegraph

    A famous British travel writer takes the train to Cambodia's Riviera...and stays at Pavilion
  • DailyTravelPill

    "Oasis in the heart of Phnom Penh. Butterflies, singing birds and very friendly staff"
  • A Make Believe World

    "Nothing more relaxing than a kid-free resort"
  • Sarah/Travelosio

    ¨Timeless tranquility in Phnom Penh¨

    "All rooms are different but with the same atmosphere: discreet orientalism, quietness, dark wood and bright details".(in Finnish)
  • SeeLauTravel

    "Stay at Pavilion and discover Phnom Penh";

    Pavilion among the 15 Best Hotels in South East Asia (in Spanish)
  • The ScratchMap

    "Winning combination for discovering Phnom Penh, staying at Pavilion and Floatation"
  • Fashion & Arts/Spain

    La Vanguardia lifestyle magazine recommends "a gem in Phnom Penh City"

    F Apavilion (.pdf, 226.225 KB)
  • TheDesignCollectors

    "A designer's dream and oasis-like hotel in Phnom Penh"
  • spacesXplaces

    "Garden oasis in the heart of the city"
  • Vegan Food Quest

    "Superb central location, many vegan options by the hotel's two pools".
  • Salon Privé Magazine

    "Hidden Haven in the heart of Phnom Penh"